February 28, 2014

Princess Astrid of Norway's Gold Bandeau

Princess Astrid
Princess Astrid
Creation:  The taller central portion was a later addition using gemstones from the matching brooch.

Materials:  pearls and semi-precious stones set in gold

  1. Duchess Pauline of Nassau
  2. Queen Sophia of Sweden; inherited from her mother in 1856
  3. Princess Ingeborg of Sweden; from her mother-in-law
  4. Princess Astrid of Norway, Mrs. Ferner; inherited from her grandmother in 1958

  • When was this tiara created? 
  • Which jeweller created this tiara?
  • What are the gemstones set in this tiara?
  • Will this tiara be inherited by Princess Astrid's children or the Norwegian Royal Family? 


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  1. Typo!! She inherited this from her grandmother in 1858? Should be 1958 is my guess what you meant to type.