February 27, 2014

Queen Maud of Norway's Diamond Tiara

Queen Maud
Princess Ragnhild
Creation:  This tiara was made by Carrington.  The diamond prongs are interchangeable with turquoises.

Materials:  diamonds with optional turquoises

  1. Queen Maud of Norway; from "Lady and Gentleman Friends" on the occasion of her 1896 marriage to King Haakon VII of Norway with turquoises that were a from her siblings on the same occasion
  2. Crown Princess Märtha of Norway; inherited from her mother-in-law in 1938 but Queen Maud died while in the United Kingdom and the tiara was put into storage in Windsor Castle and was not retrieved until 1953
  3. Princess Ragnhild of Norway, Mrs. Lorentzen; inherited from her mother in 1954
  4. Queen Sonja of Norway; inherited from her sister-in-law in 2012 
Queen Maud
Princess Astrid
Crown Princess Martha
  • When will a member of the current Norwegian Royal Family debut this tiara?
  • Are the turquoises worn by Crown Princess Martha and Princess Astrid as a necklace the same turquoises from the tiara?


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