February 25, 2014

Queen Maud of Norway's Pearl & Diamond Tiara

Queen Maud
Queen Sonja
Creation:  This tiara was made by Garrard in 1896.  In 1995, it was stolen from Garrard where it had been sent for cleaning and repair so they created a new tiara exactly like the old one to replace it.  It can be worn in a small and large setting.

Materials:  pearls and diamonds
Queen Sonja
Princess Märtha Louise
  1. Queen Maud of Norway; from her parents, King Edward VII & Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom on the occasion of her 1896 marriage to King Haakon VII of Norway
  2. Crown Princess Märtha of Norway; inherited from her mother-in-law in 1938 but Queen Maud died while in the United Kingdom and the tiara was put into storage in Windsor Castle and was not retrieved until 1953
  3. Queen Sonja of Norway; inherited by her husband, King Harald V of Norway, from his mother in 1954 and given to her after their 1968 marriage
Princess Mette-Marit
Princess Märtha Louise
Other Wearers:

  • Does the original tiara still exist or has is been broken apart?

Photos:  Norwegian Royal Court

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  1. Good thing it was left in England for the WWII years - it might have been confiscated by the Nazis if it had been brought back or attempt at that was made.