September 26, 2022

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands's Stuart Diamond Tiara

Creation: In 1897 by Eduard Schürmann & Co. using the 39.75 carat, blue-green, Stuart Diamond and diamonds from Queen Emma's diamond parure.  The tiara can be worn in several different configurations with or without the Stuart Diamond.  The diamonds removed from the tiara can be worn as earrings or pendants.
with large side diamond in center
with small side diamond in center

Materials: diamonds
Queen Wilhelmina
other configurations
Queen Wilhelmina
  1. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands; for her 1898 coronation
  2. Queen Juliana of the Netherlands; 1948 or 1962
  3. Orange-Nassau Family Foundation; set up by Queen Juliana in the 1960s
Queen Juliana
Queen Juliana
Other Wearers:

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