November 13, 2014

Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom's Wedding Parure Tiara

Creation:  This tiara was made by Garrard in 1862 for £8,000.  The diamond elements are removable to be worn as brooches or replaced with diamond stars.

Materials:  diamonds
Queen Alexandra
Queen Alexandra
  1. Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom neĆ© Princess of Denmark, from her husband, King Edward VII, on the occasion of their 1863 marriage 
  2. Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom; inherited from her mother in 1925 and was later disposed of
Queen Alexandra

  • Why is this tiara erroneously called the Rundell Tiara?
  • What did Princess Victoria do with this tiara?
  • Does this tiara still exist intact?

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  1. I have 2 pictures of This tiara and i am 100% sure that This is the tiara. How can i e Mail them to you?