February 19, 2012

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands' Württemberg Ornate Pearl Tiara

Queen Wilhelmina
Queen Wilhelmina
Creation:  This tiara was made in 1897 by Schürmann and Co. using pearls from the Orange-Nassau collection and can be worn in four different settings.

Materials:  diamonds and pearls
Queen Juliana

  1. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands
  2. Queen Juliana of the Netherlands; inherited from her mother in 1962
  3. Orange-Nassau Family Foundation; set up by Queen Juliana in the 1960s
Queen Beatrix
Queen Beatrix
Other Wearers:
Queen Maxima
Queen Maxima
  • Is this tiara actually a reworked version of a diamond and pearl tiara made by A.H. Kuhn in 1839 that first belonged to Queen Sophie of the Netherlands?


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