February 19, 2012

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands' Antique Pearl Tiara

Queen Maxima
Creation:  The tiara was made circa 1900 using four pearls that belonged to Princess Amalia of Soms-Braunfels, wife of Prince Frederik Hendrik of Orange, and designed to look like a tiara owned by Queen Anna of the Netherlands.

Materials:  diamonds and 7 pear shaped pearls
Queen Wilhelmina
Queen Juliana
  1. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands;
  2. Queen Juliana of the Netherlands; inherited from her mother in 1962
  3. Orange-Nassau Family Foundation; set up by Queen Juliana in the 1960s
Queen Beatrix
Queen Beatrix
 Other Wearers:
Princess Margriet
Queen Maxima


  1. I don't know who made it but it certainly is beautiful. My favorites are diamond and pearl tiaras.

  2. Princess Irene is not called dowager dutchess of Parma, they were divorced long before...
    Just Princess of the Netherlands, princess of Orange Nassau