February 27, 2012

Queen Emma of the Netherlands' Diamond Tiara

Queen Beatrix
Queen Beatrix
Creation:  This tiara was made in 1890 by Royal Begeer and could be topped with Queen Emma's five, twelve-pointed, diamond stars that she received as a wedding gift in 1879.  The central diamonds can be replaced with a rubies.

Materials:  diamonds set in gold and silver with optional rubies
Queen Emma
Queen Beatrix
Queen Wilhelmina
  1. Queen Emma of the Netherlands; from her husband, King Willem III of the Netherlands in 1890
  2. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands; inherited from her mother in 1934
  3. Queen Juliana of the Netherlands; inherited from her mother in 1962 but never wore the tiara
  4. Orange-Nassau Family Foundation; set up by Queen Juliana in the 1960s
Princess Laurentien
Queen Maxima
Other Wearers:
  • Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands;
  • Princess Margriet of the Netherlands, Mrs. van Vollenhoven;
  • Princess Irene of the Netherlands, Dowager Duchess of Parma;
  • Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands;
  • Queen Maxima of the Netherlands;
Princess Irene
Princess Margriet
  • Can Queen Emma's diamond stars still be attached to this tiara?


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