February 27, 2012

Queen Juliana of the Netherlands' Pearl Button Tiara

Queen Beatrix
Queen Maxima

Creation:  The five pearl buttons were brooches that belonged to Queen Sophie of the Netherlands and they first appeared on the tiara in 1966. 

Materials:  diamonds and five pearls

  1. Queen Juliana of the Netherlands;
  2. Orange-Nassau Family Foundation; set up by Queen Juliana in the 1960s
Princess Armgard
Princess Margriet
Queen Juliana
Other Wearers:
  • Princess Armgard of Lippe-Biesterfeld; at a pre-wedding gala of Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus in 1966
  • Princess Margriet of the Netherlands, Mrs. van Vollenhoven;  most notably at her 1967 wedding to Pieter van Vollenhoven
  • Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands; most notably at her investiture as queen in 1980
  • Queen Maxima of the Netherlands

  • Is the base of this tiara the same as Queen Sophie's Strawberry Leaf Tiara or was it created new in 1966? 



  1. Don't know how old the base is, but this base was used as a complete tiara by Maxima when she attended the wedding of Haakon & Mette Marit while she was still WA's fiancé, and it was used as a mount for the diamond stars during her own wedding.

  2. Also Princess Simone of Lippe Biesterfeld has worn this tiara during pre-wedding events for princess Beatrix or princess Margriet. Princess Simone was the wife of prince Aschwin brother of prince Bernhard