December 16, 2011

Queen Caroline Amalie of Denmark's Emerald Parure Tiara

Creation:  The parure was made by C.M. Weissshaupt in 1840.  It uses 26 emeralds King Christian VI gave to Queen Sophie Magdalene in 1723 and 41 emeralds that belonged to Princess Charlotte of Denmark.  Queen Caroline Amalie left the parure to the Danish Crown Jewels which means that it cannot be taken outside of Denmark or be worn by anyone other than the queen.  In 1914, Queen Alexandrine had the Crown Jewels sent to Rosenborg Castle where they can still be viewed by the public.
Queen Louise
Queen Ingrid
Materials:  67 emeralds and 2,650 diamonds in the parure

  1. Queen Caroline Amalie of Denmark; on the occasion of her silver wedding anniversary with King Christian VIII in 1840
  2. Danish Crown Jewels; left by Queen Caroline Amalie in 1881
Queen Margrethe
Queen Margrethe
Other Wearers:



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