December 14, 2011

Queen Alexandrine of Denmark's Diamond Drop Tiara


Materials:  diamonds

  1. Queen Alexandrine of Denmark
  2. King Frederick IV of Denmark; inherited from his mother in 1952
  3. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark; from her father on the occasion of her 18th birthday in 1958
  4. Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg; from her mother-in-law on the occasion of her 1995 marriage to Prince Joachim of Denmark
Queen Margrethe
Countess Alexandra
  • What jeweller created this tiara?
  • When was this tiara created?
  • Are there any pictures of Queen Alexandrine wearing this tiara?
  • Who will inherit this tiara from Alexandra?
Countess Alexandra
Countess Alexandra


  1. Hi, I love tiaras and this is a wonderful source of information. As for the last question, I would guess that Countess Alexandra will either return the tiara to the royal family, or leave it to one of her sons.

  2. I was rather hoping that in time, a member of the DRF opens negotiations with Alexandra to buy the tiara from her and return it to the main line. This can then be used by the children of Fred and Mary.

  3. I doubt Alex would sell it back to the DRF as her sons could use it for their wives.