November 16, 2011

Princess Charlotte of Monaco's Fringe Tiara

Princess Charlotte
Tatiana Santo Domingo
Creation:  This tiara may actually be two or three different fringes.

Materials:  diamonds

  1. Princess Charlotte of Monaco, from her father, Prince Louis II of Monaco, on the occasion of her 1920 marriage to Count Pierre de Polignac
Princess Caroline

Other Wearers:

  • Did Cartier or another jeweler create this tiara(s)?
  • When was this tiara(s) created?
  • Are these three fringes all the same tiara?
  • If all of the tiaras are the same, who currently owns the tiara?
  • If Princess Charlotte and Tatiana Santo Domingo's tiaras are the same, why hasn't it been worn in almost a century?
  • If all of the tiaras are different, what happened to Princess Charlotte's tiara?


1 comment :

  1. There has been some discussion on the Royal Jewels of the World message board, that this tiara is new to Tatiana, and not loaned from Princess Caroline.