June 21, 2021

Duchess of Genoa's Diamond Floral Tiara

diamond floral tiara italy duchess genoa savoy princess elisabeth musy

Creation: This tiara was made by Musy circa 1860. The flowers can be removed and worn as other jewelry.

Materials: diamonds set in gold and silver

  1. Princess Elisabeth of Savoy-Genoa, Duchess of Genoa née Princess of Saxony
  2. Princess Isabella of Savoy-Genoa, Duchess of Genoa née Princess of Bavaria; from her mother-in-law
  3. Princess Maria Adelaide Massimo di Arsoli née Princess of Savoy-Genoa; from her mother
  4. Princess Maria Adelaide's Children
  5. Albion Art Institute: bought at Cambi Auction House for 85,000 EUR in November 2014

  • Which of Princess Maria Adelaide's children inherited this tiara?

Photos: Albion Art Institute

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