June 5, 2017

Queen Elena of Italy's Ivy Wreath Tiara

Princess Maria Pia
Princess Maria Gabriella

Creation: This tiara was made by Petochi in the 1950s from a devant de corsage that belonged to Queen Elena of Italy.

Materials: pearls and diamonds
Ivy Wreath Tiara Italy Savoy Queen Elena
Queen Elena
Princess Maria Pia


  1. Queen Elena of Italy née Princess of Montenegro
  2. King Umberto II of Italy; from his mother
  3. Princess Maria Pia of Savoy; from her father King Umberto II of Italy

Other Wearers:
Princess Maria Pia
Princess Maria Beatrice
Princess Maria Pia
  • Which jeweler made the original devant de corsage?
  • When was the original devant de corsage made?
  • Does Princess Maria Pia still own this tiara?


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