September 7, 2014

Queen Alia of Jordan's Diamond Halo Tiara

Princess Haya
Queen Rania
Creation:  This tiara was created by Cartier.

Materials:  diamonds
Queen Alia
Princess Haya
Princess Haya
  1. Queen Alia of Jordan; from her husband King Hussein of Jordan
  2. Princess Haya of Jordan; inherited from her mother in 1977

Other Wearers:
Queen Rania
Queen Rania

1 comment :

  1. This is an amazing illusion tiara and hands down Princess Haya nails it. I think she is the only one comfortable enough in her own skin to wear the matching earrings with style. It demands and deserves a serious updo and Princess Haya delivers. What is it about her that her hair is always beautiful and appropriate?