May 21, 2014

Princess Marie of Greece's Olive Leaf Tiara

Creation:  This tiara was created by Cartier in 1907 and eleven of the diamonds could be switched out for emeralds.
Princess Marie

Materials:  diamonds set in platinum and optional emeralds set in gold


  1. Princess Marie of Greece & Denmark; on the occasion of her 1907 marriage to Prince George of Greece & Denmark
  2. Princess Eugénie of Greece & Denmark, Princess Radziwill, Duchess of Castel Duino; inherited from her mother in 1962
  3. Princess Tatiana Radziwill, Prince George Radziwill, & Prince Carlo della Torre e Tasso; inherited from their mother in 1989
  4. Albion Art Institute; bought at Beaussant Lefèvre Auction House in 1999 for $40,000
Photos:  Cartier

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