February 28, 2014

Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom's Turquoise Tiara

Princess Astrid
Princess Astrid

Materials:  turquoises and diamonds

  1. Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom
  2. Queen Maud of Norway; inherited from her mother in 1925  
  3. Crown Princess Märtha of Norway; inherited from her mother-in-law in 1938 but Queen Maud died while in the United Kingdom and the tiara was put into storage in Windsor Castle and was not retrieved until 1953
  4. Princess Astrid of Norway, Mrs. Ferner; inherited from her mother in 1954

  • Are there any photos of this tiara being worn by Queen Alexandra or Queen Maud?
  • When was this tiara created?
  • What jeweller created this tiara?
  • Will this tiara be inherited by Princess Astrid's children or the Norwegian Royal Family?


  1. All Tiaras that arrivers from Queen Maud of Norway will always continue to stay in the Royal house! It will always follow the ruling monarch. ladies borrow them during their life! all others are private! Even the Vasa Diadem from CrownPrincess Martha will NOT be delivered back to the King! if so then Princess Astrid in her testament have decided so. If not it will go to her children.

  2. There is one photo of Maud wearing it, and that is the only one i have ever seen. I cant remember in which forum it was, if i find it i post a link. What happens with the kings 2 sisters jewels is jus guessing, we know nothing about any agreement here in Norway. It has been said that all the jewels are the princesses personal property. Thomas Teigen, Norway

    1. You can see a rather grainy pic of Queen Maud wearing the tiara in the following thread during CP Olav's wedding festivities in 1929.