February 9, 2012

Infanta Isabella of Spain's Shell Tiara

Creation:  This tiara was designed by Oscar Massin and made by Mellerio dits Meller in 1867.

Materials:  diamonds set in platinum with hanging briolette cut diamonds and pear shaped pearls
Infanta Isabella
Princess Maria Mercedes
Queen Victoria Eugenie
  1. Infanta Isabella of Spain, Countess of Agrigento; from her mother, Queen Isabella II of Spain, on the occasion of her 1868 marriage to Prince Gaetan of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
  2. Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain; inherited by her husband, King Alfonso XIII of Spain, from his aunt in 1931
  3. Princess Maria de las Mercedes, Countess of Barcelona; inherited by her husband, Infante Juan of Spain, Count of Barcelona, from his father in 1941
  4. Queen Sofia of Spain; from her parents-in-law on the occasion of her 1962 marriage to King Juan Carlos of Spain
Queen Sofia
Queen Letizia
Other Wearers:
Infanta Cristina
Infanta Margarita

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