December 17, 2011

Danish Pearl Poire Tiara

Creation:   This tiara was made in Berlin in 1825.  Queen Louise of Denmark left it to the Danish Royal Property Trust 1926 which means that is always belongs to the reigning monarch and cannot be sold or given away.

Materials:  18 pear shaped pearls and diamonds
Queen Louise
Queen Alexandrine
  1. Princess Louise of the Netherlands; from her father, King Freidrich Wilhelm III of Prussia, on the occasion of her 1825 marriage to Prince Frederik of the Netherlands
  2. Queen Louise of Sweden & Norway; inherited from her mother in 1870
  3. Queen Louise of Denmark; inherited from her mother in 1871
  4. Danish Royal Property Trust; left by Queen Louise in 1926
Queen Ingrid
Queen Ingrid
Other Wearers:
Queen Margrethe
Queen Margrethe
  • What jeweller created this tiara?
  • Are there any pictures of Princess Margaretha wearing this tiara?


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