December 16, 2011

Grand Duchess Louise of Baden's Palmette Tiara

Creation:  This tiara was made by Koch.

Materials:  diamonds

  1. Grand Duchess Louise of Baden; from her father, Emperor Wilhelm I of Germany on the occasion of her 1856 marriage to Grand Duke Frederick of Baden
  2. Queen Victoria of Sweden; inherited from her mother in 1923
  3. Queen Ingrid of Denmark; inherited from her grandmother in 1930
  4. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark; inherited from her mother in 2000
Queen Margrethe
Queen Margrethe

Other Wearers:
Princess Alexandra
Grand Duchess Louise
Princess Benedikte
  • Are there any pictures of this tiara being worn by Queen Victoria or Queen Ingrid?

1 comment :

  1. Countess Renée de Montpezat never wore the "Baden palmette tiara" but the "Dagmar's tiara" (Princess Marie of Denmark is actually wearing it).