October 29, 2011

Queen Mary of the United Kingdom's Gloucester Leafage Tiara

Queen Mary
Duchess of Gloucester

Materials: diamonds set in platinum 

  1. Queen Mary of the United Kingdom, from Lord & Lady Iveagh on the occasion of her 1893 marriage to King George V of the United Kingdom
  2. Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, inherited from her mother-in-law in 1953
  3. Duchess Birgitte of Gloucester; from her mother-in-law either in 1972 on the occasion of her marriage to Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester or in 1974 when she became the Duchess of Gloucester
Queen Mary
Lady Rose
Princess Alice
Other Wearers: 
  • Lady Rose Gilman; at her 2008 wedding to George Gilman 

  • When was this tiara created
  • Which jeweller created this tiara?

Photos:  The Royal Archives/Rex Features

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