September 1, 2015

Empress Shōken of Japan's Meiji Scroll Tiara

Empress Shōken
Empress Teimei
Creation:  This tiara can be worn with diamond stars or large diamond brilliants.  The diamond stars can also be worn as brooches.

Materials:  diamonds
Empress Kōjun
Empress Kōjun
  1. Empress Shōken of Japan
  2. Empress Teimei of Japan; after the 1912 accession of her husband, Emperor Taishō
  3. Empress Kōjun of Japan; after the 1926 accession of her husband, Emperor Shōwa
  4. Empress Michiko of Japan; after the 1989 accession of her husband, Emperor Akihito
  5. Empress Masako of Japan; after the 2019 accession of her husband, Emperor Naruhito
Empress Shōken
Empress Michiko
  • When was this tiara created?
  • Did Chaumet or another jeweller create this tiara?


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  1. It is says that the tiara was created by the German jeweller Leonhard & Figel (I don't know how to spell...in katakana, "フィゲル"), Berlin, in 1885. http://seiyou.ehoh.net/seiyou/__tiara/+tiara.htm