February 10, 2013

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark's Naasut Tiara

Creation:  In 2012, by Nicholas Appel using gold from melted down gold coins made in Greenland during the International Polar Year.  The tiara can be broken down into five brooches.
Queen Margrethe

Materials:  gold and diamonds

  1. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark; from Greenland on the occasion of her 40th jubilee in 2012



  1. This tiara is one that really confuses me. I love it because it is unique and, of course, because it is a tiara (that is used, no less). I don't like it because the gold is so golden that I don't think it looks right. I think I would love it even more if it was done in white gold or platinum.

  2. Actually, I love this tiara. The problem is, it clashes with QM's gray (or is it silver, because she is Queen??)hair. I love the deep gold color, and it reminds me of the fabulous jewelry and a small tiara I saw at a Roman Antiquities exhibit at the Getty in Malibu a few years ago. Very delicate but packs a power punch IMO. I think CPMary would look fabulous in this, as her dark coloring would perfectly offset the gold.

  3. It´s a very beautyful tiara but I don´t think it looks great in Queen Margerets grey hair. Crownprincess Mary or princess Marie I think would be gorgeous in it.