November 11, 2013

Queen Emma of the Netherlands' Sapphire Parure Tiara

Creation:  This tiara was ordered in 1881 from Vita Israel.  It was possibly based on an Oscar Massin design from 1867.  The diamonds are set en tremblant and the central sapphire can be removed to wear as a brooch.  In 1928, the frame was altered and some of the diamonds were removed by Van Kempen en Vos.  In 2013, Steltman Jewellers added a new frame and the central element was lowered though this option is reversible.

Materials:  Ceylon sapphires and diamonds set in gold and silver
1867 All Diamond Design by Massin
1881 Sapphire & Diamond Design
  1. Queen Emma of the Netherlands; from her husband King Willem III of the Netherlands in 1881
  2. Queen Juliana of the Netherlands; inherited from her grandmother in 1934
  3. Orange-Nassau Family Foundation; set up by Queen Juliana in the 1960s
Queen Emma
Queen Beatrix
Queen Juliana
Other Wearers:

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