August 29, 2022

Queen Emma of the Netherlands' Pearl Star Tiara

Creation: This tiara was made by Van Kempen & Sons in 1879 using older pieces of jewelry made by Rundell, Bridge, & Rundell.  Sometime before 1898, the bottom section was removed and the top section continued to be used as a tiara. 

Materials: pearls and diamonds
Queen Emma
Queen Emma
  1. Queen Emma of the Netherlands née Princess of Waldeck and Pyrmont; from her husband, King Willem III of the Netherlands on the occasion of their 1879 marriage
  2. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands; from her mother
  3. Queen Juliana of the Netherlands; from her mother
  4. Orange Nassau Family Foundation
  • Does the top section of the tiara still exist intact?
  • Was the bottom portion used to create the Stuart House Parure?
Queen Wilhelmina
Queen Wilhelmina

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