October 4, 2021

Queen Marie Henriette of Belgium's Feather Tiara

Creation: This tiara was made by Buls in 1878.

Materials: pink and colorless diamonds including a 23 carat center diamond

  1. Queen Marie Henriette of Belgium née Archduchess of Austria; from the people of Belgium on the occasion of her and King Leopold II's twenty-fifth wedding anniversary
  2. Princess Louise of Belgium; inherited from her mother in 1902 
  • Does this tiara still exist intact?
  • When were the six large diamonds at the top of the tiara removed?
  • Was the tiara sold at auction in 1907?  The tiara was seized by creditors and was intended to be auctioned to pay Princess Louise's debts.  Some reports state that the auction was cancelled at the last minute but others report that the tiara was sold.
Photos: Bijoux des Reines et Princesses de Belgique

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