July 12, 2021

Princess Yolanda of Savoy's Diamond Kokoshnik Tiara

Creation: This tiara was made by Petochi circa 1922.  Some of the diamonds can be removed and worn as other jewelry.

Materials: diamonds
Princess Yolanda
Princess Yolanda
Princess Yolanda
  1. Princess Yolanda of Savoy, Countess of Bergolo; from her parents, King Victor Emmanuel III and Queen Elena of Italy, on the occasion of her 1922 marriage to Giorgio Carlo Calvi, Count of Bergolo
  2. Unknown Owner; sold at Christie's after Princess Yolanda passed away
  3. Martin du Daffoy
  4. Unknown Owner; bought from Martin du Daffoy in 2017 


  • Which of Princess Yolanda's children inherited the tiara?
  • How did Martin du Daffoy acquire the tiara?
  • Who currently owns the tiara?


Photos: Martin du Daffoy

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