November 25, 2019

Brunei Diamond Crescent Tiara

diamond crescent tiara brunei lady Dayangku Noraqilah binti Pengiran Bahar
Lady Noraquiah
diamond crescent tiara brunei lady Dayang Izzat Hayati binti Zakaria
Lady Izzat Hayati

Materials: diamonds

  1. Bruneian Royal Family
diamond crescent tiara brunei lady wan haziquah aqilah binti yussof
Lady Haziqah
diamond crescent tiara brunei lady dayangku nur izzati binti pengiran abdul wahab
Lady Nur Izzati
Other Wearers:
  • Princess (Pengiran) Ratna Siti Noor Aishah; at her 2012 wedding to Prince Abdul Qudduus 
  • Lady (Dayang) Izzat Hayati binti Zakaria; at her 2016 wedding to Prince Muhammad Fauzi
  • Lady (Dayangku) Noraqilah binti Pengiran Bahar; at her 2017 wedding to Mohammad Radduan
  • Lady (Dayangku) Nur Izzati binti Pengiran Abdul Wahab; at her 2018 wedding to Prince Muhammad Abdul Haffiz
  • Lady (Wan) Haziqah Aqilah binti Yussof; at her 2019 wedding to Prince Abdul Mui'z
diamond crescent tiara brunei princess pengiran ratna siti noor aishah
Princess Ratna Siti
  • Does Queen Saleha or another member of the family own this tiara?
  • When was this tiara created?
  • Which jeweller created this tiara?

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