November 25, 2019

Queen Saleha of Brunei's Diamond Crescent Tiara


Materials: diamonds
Princess Kamaliah
Lady Haziqah
  1. Queen (Raja Isteri) Saleha of Brunei
Princess Radhiah

Princess Khairunnina
Princess Ratna Siti
Other Wearers:
  • Princess (Pengiran) Radhiah; at her wedding to Kahwin (please comment below if you know the couple's full names or the date of the wedding)
  • Princess (Pengiran) Ratna Siti Noor Aishah; at her 2012 wedding to Prince Abdul Qudduus 
  • Lady (Dayang) Izzat Hayati binti Zakaria; at her 2016 wedding to Prince Muhammad Fauzi
  • Princess (Pengiran) Noraqilah binti Pengiran Bahar; at her 2017 wedding to Mohammad Radduan
  • Princess (Pengiran) Nurul Amal Khairunnina Athirah Muntassir; at her 2018 wedding to Prince Abdul Azim
  • Princess (Pengiran) Nur Izzati binti Pengiran Abdul Wahab; at her 2018 wedding to Prince Muhammad Abdul Haffiz
  • Lady (Wan) Haziqah Aqilah binti Yussof; at her 2019 wedding to Prince Abdul Mui'z
  • Princess (Pengiran) Kamaliah Hafilah binti Pengiran Saiful Rijal; at her 2020 wedding to Prince Mohammad Zulkarnain bin Pengiran Mohammad Ayub
  • Princess (Pengiran) Siti Fatimah binti Pengiran Mohammad Ayub; at her 2022 wedding to Prince Mohammad Abdullah Al-Hatta
Princess Nur Izzati
Princess Kamaliah
  • When was this tiara created?
  • Which jeweler created this tiara?
  • Are there any photos of this tiara being worn by Queen Saleha? 
Lady Izzat Hayati
Princess Siti Fatimah
Princess Noraquiah

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