November 7, 2014

Queen Mary of the United Kingdom's County of Surrey Tiara

Creation: This tiara could be worn as a necklace.  After it was dismantled in 1914, thirteen of the diamonds were used to replace the pearls in the Girls of Great Britain & Ireland Tiara and the rest were used to create the Gloucester Honeysuckle Tiara.
Queen Mary
Queen Mary
Queen Mary
Materials:  diamonds

  1. Queen Mary of the United Kingdom; from the County of Surrey on the occasion of her 1893 marriage to King George V of the United Kingdom
    Queen Mary

  • Which jeweller created this tiara?

Photos:  The Royal Collection

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  1. One of my favourite tiaras. I wonder what happens to the frame of tiaras that have been broken down. Do they exist somewhere at the back of the vault, and could someone recreate this one and the Rundle from the frames?