October 21, 2014

Duchess of Kent's Fringe Tiara


Materials:  diamonds set in gold and silver

  1. Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent; from the city of London on the occasion of her 1934 marriage to Prince George of the United Kingdom, Duke of Kent
  2. Princess Michael of Kent; inherited by her husband, Prince Michael, from his mother in 1968 and given to her on the occasion of their 1978 marriage
Princess Marina
Princess Alexandra
Other Wearers:
Princess Michael
Princess Michael
  • When was this tiara created?
  • Which jeweller created this tiara?
  • What is this tiara provenance prior to Princess Marina?
Lady Gabriella
Lady Gabriella
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  1. I actually like the detachable row of diamonds that can be added to the top of this tiara. Can the extra row be converted into a necklace?

  2. Kent Fringe Tiara was created for the Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna in 1870. Her children sold it after her death. The tiara was bought by the husband of Molly Fink, Raja of Pudukkottai. Later Molly Fink sold it.