January 23, 2014

Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom's Honeycomb Tiara

Creation:  This tiara was made by Lucien Hirtz of Boucheron in 1921 using stones from another tiara. In 1942, Queen Elizabeth had Cartier add more diamonds to the top.

Materials:  diamonds set in platinum
Queen Elizabeth
  1. Dame Margaret Greville
  2. Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom; inherited from Mrs. Greville in 1942
  3. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom; inherited from her mother in 2002 but she has never worn the tiara publicly
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth
Other Wearers:
Duchess of Cornwall
Duchess of Cornwall
  • Are there any photos of this tiara being worn by Dame Margaret Greville?

Photos: Boucheron/Roberts/The Royal Collection

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  1. I am South African and a student of jewellery history. I believe it is important to note that the diamonds added by the Queen Mother where a gift from South Africa,