January 28, 2014

Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom's Amethyst Tiara

Queen Alexandra
Princess Maud
Creation:  This tiara was created sometime before 1889.

Materials:  amethysts and diamonds

  1. Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom; from her brother-in-law, Tsar Alexander III of Russia
  2. Princess Louise, The Princess Royal, Duchess of Fife; inherited from her mother in 1925
  3. Princess Maud, Countess of Southesk; inherited from her mother in 1931
  4. Unknown Owner; bought at auction at Christie's in 1946

  • What jeweller created this tiara? 
  • Who currently owns the tiara?
  • Are there any pictures of Princess Louise wearing this tiara?
  • Could the amethysts be replaced with cabochon sapphires?

Photos:  The Royal Collection


  1. This is lovely! Its a shame that its not seen in public anymore

  2. The Tiara you have in the colour photo merely resembles the one worn by Alexandra. All records of the Royal one has been lost and the tiara is presumed the same. I have searched the net for proper authenticate information but could not get more than that, It is in any case clear from the photos that the two are different tiaras.

    1. I don't know more than our collaborative effort here has revealed. The original tiara remains a mystery and the "new" one you pictured here is also just one of those google lucky finds. Sorry, I wish there was more....

  3. Thanks Duke - I thought the photo looked funny since it's a newer photo and we have not seen it since the 40s.

  4. I think that these are three different tiaras.