February 29, 2012

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands' Ears of Wheat Tiara

Creation:  The eight ears of wheat were brooches that belonged to Queen Catherine of Württemberg, mother of Queen Sophie of the Netherlands. They were mounted on a tiara frame in the 1950s and it can be worn with four, six, or eight of the ears of wheat.

Materials:  diamonds set in silver
Queen Wilhelmina
Queen Juliana
  1. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands; wore the ears of wheat on a silk kokoshnik 
  2. Queen Juliana of the Netherlands; inherited from her mother in 1962
  3. Orange-Nassau Family Foundations; set up by Queen Juliana in the 1960s
Princess Irene
Princess Margriet
Princess Christina
Other Wearers: 
Princess Marilene
Princess Margarita
Princess Annette
  • When were the ears of wheat created?
  • What jeweller created the ears of wheat?
  • What jeweller put the ears of wheat onto the tiara?

Princess Anita
Princess Aimee
Princess Laurentien
Princess Viktoria


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  1. These ears of wheat are said to be Russian. Bolin seems a likely creator, since there is a stylistic resemblance to the Ears of Wheat tiara that belonged to Maria Fyodorovna, wife of Paul I Petrovich and mother of Catharine.