February 3, 2012

Queen Sophia of Greece's Diamond Tiara

Queen Helen
Crown Princess Pavlos

Materials:  diamonds

  1. Queen Sophia of the Hellenes; from her family on the occasion of her 1889 marriage to King Constantine I
  2. Queen Frederika of the Hellenes; inherited by her husband, King Paul, from his mother in 1932 and given to her after their marriage in 1938
Queen Sophia
Queen Sophia
Queen Ingrid
Other Wearers:
Queen Frederika
Queen Frederika
  • When was this tiara created?
  • What jeweler created this tiara?
  • Did Queen Sophia's mother, Empress Victoria, or her brother, German Emperor Wilhelm II, give her the tiara?
  • Why has this tiara not been worn since before Queen Frederika died in 1981?
  • Did Queen Anne-Marie, Crown Prince Pavlos, or someone else inherit this tiara?
  • What about the rumors that Queen Frederika sold the tiara while in exile in the 1970s?

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