November 10, 2011

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom's Strawberry Leaf Tiara

Creation: This tiara was created in 1860 by Garrard from an existing ruby and diamond bandeau belonging to Queen Victoria.  Later, Princess Beatrice had the tiara altered by adding a row to the bottom that mirrored the top and in 1933 Irene Mountbatten had Cartier remove the rubies and replace them with diamonds.

Materials:  diamonds and rubies

Princess Beatrice
Queen Victoria Eugenie
Marchioness Irene
  1. Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom
  2. Princess Beatrice of Battenberg; from her mother on the occasion of her 1885 marriage to Prince Henry of Battenberg
  3. Irene Mountbatten, Marchioness of Carisbrooke; from her mother-in-law
Queen Victoria

Other Wearers:


  • Which jeweller altered this tiara for Princess Beatrice?
  • Does this tiara still exist intact?
  • Who currently owns this tiara?

Photos: Cartier/Royal Archives/National Portrait Gallery

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