November 8, 2011

Crown Princess Margareta of Sweden's Khedive of Egypt Tiara

Creation:  This tiara was made by Cartier in 1905 and it can also be worn as a devant de corsage.
Crown Princess Margareta
Crown Princess Margareta
Materials:  diamonds set in platinum

  1. Crown Princess Margareta of Sweden, from the Khedive Abbas II of Egypt on the occasion of her 1905 marriage to King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden
  2. Queen Ingrid of Denmark, inherited from her mother in 1920
  3. Queen Anne-Marie of the Hellenes, inherited from her mother in 2000 and added a higher base to the tiara
Queen Ingrid
Princess Margaretha
Queen Ingrid
Other Wearers:
Queen Anne-Marie
Queen Margrethe
Princess Benedikte
Princess Alexandra
Princess Alexia
Princess Nathalie
  • Who will inherit the tiara after Queen-Anne Marie, one of her children or will it go back to the Danish royal family?
  • Will the tradition of wearing this tiara on their wedding day continue to Queen Ingrid's great-grand daughters?


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